Our Process

Meeting 1 – Consultation/Discovery and Data Gathering

The typical prospective client will meet with an advisor for an informal consultation meeting where the client and advisor define the client’s financial goals. This is a time where we like to get to know our clients and help to identify their reason for wanting to speak with an advisor and determine what they hope to achieve. Identifying goals and compiling financial data are the goals of this part of the process.


Meeting 2 – Analysis and Recommendations

Generally, between meetings 1 and 2, the advisor will be in regular contact with the prospective client to compile any missing financial data. During this time, the advisor will develop some basic analysis, recommendations, and ongoing strategy for the prospective client. Meeting 2, which takes place 1 – 2 weeks following meeting 1, is used for the advisor to present to the prospective client a current assessment of financial condition as well as some basic recommendations that apply to the prospective client’s situation. Up to and including this point in our process, we do not charge our clients.

Meeting 3 – Implementation

Once the prospective client and advisor have determined that they would like to work together, the implementation process starts. Meeting 3 will take place between 1 – 2 weeks after Meeting 2 and is used to implement the recommendations presented in Meeting 2. During the time between the two meetings, the advisor will present the prospective client with a fee structure to be agreed upon as well as a detailed plan of action.o.


Once the plan has been implemented, the client and advisor will plan to meet on a quarterly basis to review the client’s investment portfolio and objectives, as well as the client’s progress toward their defined goals. We take pride in constant, ongoing, and effective communication with our clients.

Investment and financial planning services are offered by Michael J. Alvini through his/her affiliation with HD Vest.